Our Advantage

JAG properties are located, designed and built specifically to give you a competitive edge.  When your business and your reputation are at stake, you need a partner you can count on.  In every property, we build in over 75 years of experience, creating a smarter, more efficient use of space. 

The following are just a few unique benefits of JAG properties that are not commonly offered by competing developers.

  • Flexible floor plans accommodating users 3,000 - 1,000,000 square feet
  • Cross-dock capability
  • Column-less warehouse space
  • High door count
  • Located within 3-mile radius of major U.S. airport
  • Proximity to major population centers
  • LEED certified construction
  • Expansive truck courts
  • 30+' high ceilings
  • Mezzanine office for greater flexibility and generous office finish
  • Easily modified to front or rear-loading warehouse operation
  • Owner built, managed and operated. 

In addition to serving the freight forwarding industry, JAG’s clients include many other types of companies that enjoy the benefits of locating near a major airport.  Past clients include technology-based firms, R&D, light manufacturing, showrooms, paper-shredding services and even a microbrewery.  Last mile delivery for e-commerce is a natural fit as airports are, by design, located within a one-hour drive of major population centers.  

Our Mission
JAG’s commitment to developing real estate solutions specifically for clients in the logistics, air cargo and distribution space has earned a reputation for providing unsurpassed workmanship, competitive pricing and long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.